Skips (Electro Street) interviewed by Electroisthefuture after Spear Tournament 8

Skips reveals new projects with Electro Street in our interview

From the result of Spear Tournament 8 to his future projects with Electro Street, here you can watch a short interview we had with Skips just after the latest Electro dance contest in Paris.
Miel in the Jam Session at Barcelona

Miel’s interview after KOB in Barcelona

Miel, a dancer from Alliance Crew, was a judge in both Allstyle and Electro categories in King of Beat 2018. interviewed the French artist just after the competition, and Miel spoke about the eboy...
A sequence of Red Epic video clip

Electroisthefuture interviews “Red Epic” hero

In the past few days, an electro-dance video clip from Mongolia started to make interest in the Electro community. We are talking about "Red Epic", where a red-themed eboy starts to play with the...
Reyes in a photo by Found Hidden Style

Electroisthefuture interviews Reyes from OLDERS Crew

Following the victory in Mexican TOP16 Championship one week ago, talked to Reyes, with Blade the fresh new two vs two Champion and eboy of Olders Crew from the city of Guadalajara. You are...
Sandy San and Ann Mouse

Ann Mouse: “Electro is ready to break out in India”

Ann Mouse, a Russian e-girl, got an incredible chance to travel in India for the ILL-ACT RAW Vol.2 contest, an event where she was judge and teacher. contacted Ann to know all the...
We present you Electroisthefuture

We present you Electroisthefuture

Electroisthefuture is an Italian project about the Electro dance movement. The idea born from the collaboration between two characters of the Italian scene (a dancer and an organizer) who, after ten years growing up...
Myax during Move&Prove 3vs3 final

Myax: “Healthy style and karate gives me this energy”

Myax, the young electro-dancer from Krasnodar, who won the 3vs3 tournament with Valek and Leon in the Move&Prove World Finals, reached our microphone during the event in Russia. "My energy come from a healthy lifestyle,"...

Electro is The Future

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