Goku is one fo the judge for Move&Prove France Cypher in Paris

LRC and M&P showdown the cards for October

Life's Round Contest and Move&Prove will collaborate in late October for the LRC World Festival and the Paris' Cypher of Move&Prove. Today, Move&Prove started to showdown the cards for...
Singa in action during 2017's Move&Prove World Finals - photo by CH

Paris to host first Move&Prove Cypher in France

For the first time, a French city will host a Move&Prove Cypher qualification for the Saint-Petersburg's World Finals. During the LRC World Festival (26-27-28 October), specifically on Saturday evening,...
Boma Mutu Electro dance battle in Paris

Le Mood announces a new contest in June

The "Boma Mutu" Electro dance battle was announced as a new contest in Paris by Le Mood staff. It will take place on June 10th in Paris and it will feature a 2 vs. 2...
Moxtox & e-dancers in Tijuana

Monthly Recap – January 2018

The new year started also for Electro World movement, here a little recap of everything electro-related happened in these 31 days. FRANCE - LE MOOD CONTEST, WE ART II, ELEKTRIK Miel and staff LeMood organized the...
We present you Electroisthefuture

We present you Electroisthefuture

Electroisthefuture is an Italian project about the Electro dance movement. The idea born from the collaboration between two characters of the Italian scene (a dancer and an organizer) who, after ten years growing up...
Diagnoz a beginners e-boy at Move&Prove World Finals

Antony’s Russian diary – part 2

The Move On Party gave the right charge for all the e-dancers and let the foreign dancers start joining the Russian Jam atmosphere for the first time. Day 2, was the first full journey...
Club Arena 3 in Greece will feature International judges

Cities and dates, what the 2019 reserve for Electro?

Are Winter holidays already a long time memories? School and work start to get you stressed and sick? No worries, the Electro dance events are coming back again, finally. We already got an early preview...
Samoo class in Aosta for TAOW 2019

Electro weekend starts in Aosta

It was Workshop's day in Aosta (Italy) on the eve of The Art Our Way 2019 Edition, the major Italian event of this year. Three classes happened today in the Aosta Free Moves dance school:...
Goku in his workshops during Move&Prove 2018

Goku’s workshop opens 2nd day in Saint-Petersburg

Second day of activities for Move&Prove International Finals, today started with Goku’s masterclass in Saint Petersburg. The French eboy taught very important tools for dancing Electro and also other styles like Krump.
Kyrra during his Masterclass in Aosta (Italy)


From Italy to France, it was a crucial month for the European Electro with the TAOW International as the main event. We discovered all the judge of the next Electro Dance Camp Mundial in...